Marketing Truths in “To Sell is Human” by Daniel Pink

My book was due back to the library just a couple days ago, but I’ve found myself referencing bits from the book several times already. Since I keep looking up the details on the studies included, it seems prudent to start listing them out. So as I look them up, I’ll probably add more. Nothing […]

Does Familiarity = More Likeable?

Marketing and advertising folks say that awareness advertising works, but have you ever wondered how seeing a simple ad or billboard with a head shot and name of a realtor, insurance agent, financial advisor, etc. can really help them get more clients? I have. I like studies and hard data to help me understand these […]

Why Isn’t My Website Showing Up On Google?

Showing up at the top of the search engine results, especially Google, is something all businesses desire. SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) have become important aspects of marketing as everyone vies for the top placement. While there are many factors involved (see below) here are some of the things I suggest […]

Are You Accidentally Doing Something Illegal?

As a small business it can be hard to keep up with all the legal issues you should consider. I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice. You need to talk to a lawyer for that. What I can do it point out a few common pitfalls and offer a few budget-friendly […]

Reverse Image Search

Pretty cool tool I’ve just discovered. I’m listing the tools I’ve found here for my own reference and in case any of you find it helpful too. Google Image reverse lookup. Finds sites with that same image, shows similar images, etc. It’s great for just about everything, except if I want to find a similar […]

Testing a Facebook Embeded Post

Trade deal fails Haitian workers on DR plantations: Cane cutters work overly long days for poor pay in violation of Dominican labor laws and international agreement. Posted by Al Jazeera America on Thursday, July 16, 2015 Who are the people against the destruction of Riverfront Park?The 400+ sand volleyball players who use the courts.Dan… Posted […]

Be Careful With Images on Your Website

I’ve heard of quite a few other web designers sharing stories about their clients getting huge bills from Getty Images due to illegally using stock images they found online. Even if you are using an image from a supposedly free site, it’s not a safe guarantee. People may have uploaded something to the free image […]

Comparing WordPress to Other Free Websites

When talking to potential clients, they usually ask if they really need a website and if so, can they just use one of those free sites or site builders. Here’s a quick overview on the options besides WordPress (.org to be specific) in case you’re interested, along with a link to another article at the […]

Don’t Let Your WordPress Website Get Hacked!

Quick back story of my introduction to website hacks: A client’s old website wasn’t kept updated and got hacked. I created a new fresh website on a new host, with new passwords and it was hacked within 24 hours of being live. Needless to say I started researching tons on this and tried out several […]

Read This BEFORE Choosing a WordPress Website

I recommend WordPress websites for the reasons outlined below. While I’ve built websites in the past using html, I prefer to work with WordPress now because it’s so much easier and more user-friendly. That said, with everything there are a few pros and cons and I’ve listed some below. I feel it is important for […]

Are You Using Landing Pages?

Or do you know what a landing page is? Lots of small business owners don’t. Which is why I’m sharing this infographic.  (A landing page is a webpage you send prospects and customers to with the goal of creating a conversion, aka have them take a certain action, which may be to purchase your products […]

Social Media Image Size Guide

I’m always referring to these to get my social media images sized correctly. Let me know if you need help creating yours. I’m not a graphic designer but am great at evaluating images and copy for effectiveness and can put something basic together if you don’t have the right programs. I can easily resize images, […]

Understanding Facebook Terminology

Facebook uses a lot of terms. Here’s a great infographic cheat sheet created by Jon Loomer. He’s got great stuff. No need for me to recreate 🙂 Courtesy of:

Twitter Nested Category

Testing parent category functionality.

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