Online Marketing Examples

I’ve worked with a variety of clients over the years on social media. Most of my clients are smaller and can’t afford to have me handle everything. Here are some examples of what I’ve done.

Leave it to Lucy

This is a brand new business that I’m in the process of getting up and running. Her ads will start running within the next few weeks.

Here is the cover image, which I designed to display nicely on both desktop and mobile devices using a lesser know trick. (The image height is actually more than what is shown on the desktop view. This prevents the image from being cropped on the mobile view.)

Facebook Cover image designed by Kassy

Here are two different posts promoting her contest.

Fine Art Fair

I did most of the social media for the 2015 Fine Art Fair which was squeezed in on top of everything else I handled since they were so far behind when I stepped in. Unfortunately, they deleted one of the Facebook pages this year where most of my examples were, but I did save this screen shot.

Here is one of the ads I ran promoting the Fine Art Fair regionally, I created the graphic too. We ran ads targeting various audiences including parents for the Kids Art Festival, volunteers, local art patrons, about 10 different regional markets, larger markets with a strong art fair within a 3.5 hour drive, etc.

Worth the drive FB ad


Jim Burson

This client writes his own blog posts and then I create the social media posts/tweets to drive traffic to their site, some graphics are created by me, but the client selects the graphics used on the blog post which are often incorporated in the social media marketing.




On these tweets, I crafted the tweet based on the blog post written by my client. I usually write several different tweets for each post. The client writes most of his tweet content and I create graphics as needed and handle the scheduling and details like links, hashtags, etc.





Balance and Harmony

I created this graphic and crafted the post. This client often does her own posts but I help with promotions as needed.



EverGreen Home Energy Consultants

This is another client that does some of their own social media content and has me do other parts of it. For this one, the client wrote the blog content and I cleaned it up, formatted it, and created the social media promotions and graphic.


This is part of a series of tips I set up. The tip facts came from my client and I put together the graphics and campaign.


I created the graphic and the the Facebook post to promote the blog post written by my client which was edited and formatted by me.


Judy Haselhoef

I wrote the Facebook post to promote the blog post by my client as a how-to example for her since she wanted to manage her own social media posts/tweets herself but needed help figuring it out.


This is one of the tweets I wrote for her as an example.


Blog posts for MultiAd

These blog posts were written after I had left MultiAd and they asked me to continue writing blog posts and selling ideas for them in a freelance capacity. Here are a few examples from December 2011. I did not have control over the formatting and lack of images on their blog. They were written for newspaper advertising departments (sales reps and graphic designers) and small businesses who might use our stock image site.
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