Are You Using Landing Pages?

Or do you know what a landing page is? Lots of small business owners don’t. Which is why I’m sharing this infographic.  (A landing page is a webpage you send prospects and customers to with the goal of creating a conversion, aka have them take a certain action, which may be to purchase your products or services, or just sign up for your email list. If you run ads on Google, aka AdWords, or Facebook, you should be directing them to a landing page. This is not typically one of the pages you would link to from your menu bar, but a special page created for certain targets and offers.)

If you want to discuss ways you can use landing pages, or convert some existing pages to be more effective let me know.

This infographic has some great info and I can help you implement these recommendations if you need it.


7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout