Social Media Marketing

(Kassy is NOT accepting new social media clients at this time.)

Posting pictures of your family is one thing, but “87% of small business owners experience total overwhelm when it comes to social media” says Mari Smith (a social media guru I like). Do you know what, how or even why you should be posting on Facebook? What about Twitter, Pinterest, and others? Social media seems simple enough, unless you want to do it right and have limited time because you are busy running a business.

There are several common goals with a social media presence:

  • Stay top of mind with clients
  • Drive sales
  • Build awareness about your company, products or services
  • Build credibility as an expert
  • Grow your business

There are also ever changing rules, guidelines and best practices. And each demographic interacts differently too. Did you know Facebook has rules about:

  • Giving away prizes based on things like likes, comments and shares? (This is not allowed, even though you’ve probably seen others get away with it.)
  • Having what they consider a personal profile with your business name, group, pets, fake profiles or anything other than a real person. (Also not allowed.)
  • Contacting contest winners using Facebook. (You guessed it, not allowed.)
  • What kind of copy can be used on your cover image? (They recently changed this to allow calls to action, but have restricted the amount of text.)

So it may not seem helpful to know what they do NOT allow. But they do shut down accounts they find to be violating the terms and conditions. Is gaining a few hundred fans worth the risk of losing all your fans?

Another thing that seems to be always evolving is EdgeRank, Facebook’s formula that determines what each person actually sees in their feed (based on time, weight and affinity.) Things to consider include:

  • Videos and photos tend to get more engagement and are weighted more heavily than links.
  • Text only statuses often get better reach.
  • Time of day most of your target market is online (and when they interact more.)
  • Asking people to take action, even like, comment or share, does increase actions.
  • Once someone interacts with your page or post, they are more likely to see more of your posts.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg about Facebook…