A Brand New Business – OnPoint Holistic Marketing

If you are looking for me (Kassy), I’ve been pretty quiet on this website (not that it ever got my full attention like all of yours did) and putting all my time into my newest business, OnPoint Holistic Marketing.

OnPoint Holistic MarketingI’m grateful to have been gifted with so many great freelance marketing clients when I needed a way to stay home with my son. During those 8 years I saw the same marketing challenges playing out again and again. I’d build a website for my clients but that’s really only the start of their marketing efforts. Using all the SEO knowledge and expertise in the world, no one can magically drive tons of traffic to a website without doing additional marketing of some sort. And most of my clients didn’t have a marketing background (that’s why they hired me) and wanted to focus on the parts of their business where they shined, their own services, and not figuring out what they needed to do marketing-wise.

My clients (mostly solopreneurs) would have loved to have hired me to do all of that for them… but it just isn’t affordable or practical for a business their size (even though I charged much less than many others because I want to help them).

see more feet on your tableIt was from this realization that OnPoint Holistic Marketing was born, offering professional marketing content and advice that’s easy to implement for reflexologists. With this new business model instead of doing custom one-to-one work for each client, I’m creating ready-to-implement marketing content and guidance that can be used by many different reflexologists. Since there are hundreds of reflexologists in different towns, states, and countries and their audiences are all local to them, it’s okay to create a package of graphics they can post to social media with the costs of creating it spread out among all the members instead of each one paying to have a customized package just for them.

The Goal is “Marketing Made Affordable”

While the membership and content is tailored to reflexologists only at this time, most small businesses can learn from the blog articles. Check it out at onpointholisticmarketing.com/blog.