Social Media Image Size Guide

I’m always referring to these to get my social media images sized correctly. Let me know if you need help creating yours. I’m not a graphic designer but am great at evaluating images and copy for effectiveness and can put something basic together if you don’t have the right programs. I can easily resize images, crop, open .eps and vector files, etc.

Plus the social media image rules are always changing. For example Facebook used to forbid calls to action and contact info in cover images. Now they allow it, but copy must be 20% or less of the image space.

This page is long because I’m sharing 2 infographics. The first one is an updated one from Jon Loomer just for Facebook. The second one is older and probably a little outdated, but also has Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. If this seems too overwhelming to figure out, let me know and I can help.

facebook image dimensions timeline newsfeed posts ads All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]
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